What is spiritual growth?

What is spiritual growth?(And how are you growing spiritually?)

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, (April 2020)

A couple of common questions that we have heard for years, as with any Bible teacher, are: 1) what is spiritual growth? And 2) how do I know if I’m growing in my walk with Jesus? And a follow up is how long does growth take? The third question being tongue-in-cheek, of course, because all of us wish we could grow faster than we are. But just like you can’t rush a plant to grow, you can’t rush your soul and character to grow either.

To put it differently, if God showed you and me every detail of things that we (individually) need to grow and change in to be a faithful and most use-able servant of Jesus, you and I would definitely panic, if not die on the spot from the stress. Thankfully God is patient. He’s a very good, gentle and patient coach to those who listen to Him, and a very strict judge on those who reject Him. But, don’t expect satan or his Catholic-run media to tell the honest truth about Jesus – because they never will. These days, God doesn’t seem to have a lot of people to contradict the lies said against Him, or to defend His caring and righteous character. But that will have to wait for other studies, and for others to stand up and defend Him and holiness. Would you take up that task? Pray about it.

Back to the topic of spiritual growth, we here in America (especially) have, up until now, had just a…

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Are all sins equal

“Are all sins equal?
This world pushes a lot of lies. Surely you’ve noticed at least a few of them. But, when was the last time you reviewed the variety of lies that you noticed that the world is pushing?

Of interest, what’s most interesting about the “new lies” is that they are slightly altered version of the same old lies. Yeah, there’s nothing new under the sun – the same sins and lies that satan and his fellow demons tempt you and me with are the same ones that he has always tempted people with.

This study has 4 parts.
Part 1: intro, foundation… As you can see, God’s Scriptures have a lot to explain about sin – and satan and his pagan world systems are always trying to get you *out* of the Bible, and to lessen and erode your understanding of pure, 100% understanding of right and wrong, holy-fear wisdom vs shallow-hearted obeying rules, pure light and darkness, error and fact, truth and fiction/lies/deception. God’s Word is the only source that is 100% honest in all things that it covers – even in the little details. And God has answered all of the major topics that satan and his demon and human co-conspirators come up with. You’ll find it all in God’s Book – it’s not just one book divided in 2, but 1 Pure and Holy Book all the way through. And no, it’s not missing any pages! True enough that it does need to be translated more accurately and more honestly and deeply so it reflects the original texts better – Hebrew, Aramaic (a form of Hebrew), and Greek. But don’t rely on the Vatican to be honest about anything – ever. They weave in lies in everything they touch. They even write false translations to confuse you about what God really said. Not to mention they change definitions on everything – from pretending the “pope” has replaced Christ here on earth, to pretending Mary was perfect and the queen of Heaven and never had more children, to pretending that Peter was infallible and the first “pope”, to pretending that a pagan-led Catholic “priest” can forgive you sins, or that you should pray to the “saints” instead of God, through Jesus… and on and on. And that doesn’t even begin to discuss all of the many sins, crimes, sabotage, s*xual assaults and sins (and the abortions to hide those sins) that the Vatican and her Catholic leadership covers up, or her Italian mafia – the Jesuits (100% Catholic infiltrators and spies and saboteurs, 0% Hebrew/Jewish at all).

Speaking of which, that brings me to our topic of the day – are all sins, really equal? Let’s see what God has to say about that…”

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Dirty money? Which one?

Have you caught one of the latest lies? unfortunately for some, it’s contagious. It’s the lie that money is “dirty”… so that we stop using it and allow the NWO to move us to digital currency that can be deleted during a “crisis” and/or which won’t work in a “crisis” (real or contrived).

Yeah… and Bill Gates and the Jesuit “pope” and Rockefellers, etc, of the NWO call for a digital currency… do you know why? Because it works for *them* in an organized economic shutdown like you are watching right now. Use money. Protect it. Use checks – protect them. Barter between friends – digital plastic won’t pay your bills if/when they do their next part of the military coup. Build community, because as I say often – #ItsGoingToTakeATeam

~ Watching, Preaching, Praying, SH with the INCPU News team


#RedAlert, while the international mafia “govt” team has had you worried about CV, they have just shut down our food supply. They are trying to create a drought. Those preppers that you laughed at, were worried about this. Get ready – there’s a drought coming, and unless enough of us rise up to do arrests and prosecutions asap, we aren’t going to be able to stop it, only be able to weather it, build community, lean on God’s wisdom and guidance and prepare for arrests and prosecutions *after* this NWO storm has passed. Remember, God protects and provides for those who turn from sin and resist the devil and seek Him and walk holy and pray. Psalm 34:7 and Psalm 91 and Matthew 6:33 are just 3 passages that have promises for people to claim, if they are walking holy. Please, please, please, spread the word. Find ways to help those around you.

This is #springtime – the farmers are being forced to *not* plant crops… we are going to feel that one…

The NWO/Vatican team knows that they are creating a famine – it’s heading our way. They know that. And now, so do you.

~ Watching, Preaching, Praying, SH with the INCPU news team


Here is a list of articles.First off, the Jesuits at Wharton have been trying to pretend to be our heroes on this subject since 2013, but the Jesuits are our worst enemy.
> https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/growing-food-growing-problems/

Other articles on the calculated NWO/Vatican food shutdown.

Mercola – Govt shutdown causes farmers to be told to quit
> https://blogs.mercola.com/sites/vitalvotes/archive/2020/04/11/government-shutdown-causes-farmers-to-be-told-to-quit-farming.aspx

Also in Cali
> https://www.sacbee.com/news/california/article241896861.html

In the Northwest: Wash, Oreg, Vancouver, BC
> https://www.theolympian.com/opinion/op-ed/article241670301.html

> https://fox59.com/news/coronavirus/covid-19-pandemic-hurts-central-indiana-dairy-framers/

> https://www.wuwm.com/post/restaurants-closing-how-will-farmers-be-impacted-covid-19#stream/0

> https://reason.com/2020/03/21/shuttering-farmers-markets-over-covid-19-is-stupid-dangerous-and-counterproductive/

Quincy, FL
> https://www.wctv.tv/content/news/Quincy-Farm-Share-event–569382571.html

South Dakota
> https://www.mprnews.org/story/2020/04/12/smithfield-foods-announces-indefinite-closure-of-sioux-falls-plant-amid-covid19-outbreak

Raw milk stopped
“…There are limited options for dairy farmers hoping to circumvent the pasteurization process and sell raw milk directly. New Jersey and Delaware do not allow farms to sell raw milk to the public, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says can pose a severe health threat. Pennsylvania does allow raw milk sales, but farms have to get a permit, which can be difficult for small farms….”


Harmony of the Gospels – Passover & Resurrection, part1

Fresh off the presses 🙂
A new study… sort of ~ it’s kind of just part 1, meaning just the text that needs to be compared and woven together as one piece, as God intended 🙂 Feel free to join me 😀

Here’s the intro:”The Harmony of the 4 gospel accounts
[From God through Matthew/Levi, John-Mark (spiritual son of the apostle Peter), Luke (historian and herbal physician), and the apostle John (the youngest apostle)]

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,
I have wanted for years to be able to slow down enough and do a full study on comparing and blending together the 4 God-inspired scenes of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, specifically on the topic of Passover/Resurrection Day. What you are about to see is just the texts from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Someday, Lord-willing and when I’m not working long 5 to 6 day weeks and long days, maybe I’ll get to write a Bible study series correcting the many errors of so-called Bible teachers, the Vatican and her myriad of lies, and the blasphemies of so-called “Bible movies” including Mel Gibson’s and the so-called “Bible mini-series”. I have not found one Bible “movie” that is accurate to the text of the Bible – all of them change it to be stories, or cheap comforting words for all false religions, pretending all religions (plus Jesus, as they pretend) are the same.

But for now, I can at least collect the passages and post them below. Maybe you can join me in this study and collect your own notes, and maybe we can compare notes someday. That would be cool!

Okay, so let’s start in the order that most of our Bibles are in, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Please note that I’m using the NKJV for this. That is the best text that I know of aside from a Hebrew/Greek Interlinear, of which you can find a free one at ~ www.Scripture4all.org (that is the best one I have found so far), or you can use the work of Jay P. Green, or William Wuest, or a few others. I believe that none of the English translations are deeply accurate to the Hebrew and Greek texts, but the NKJV does the best for several reasons. 1) it’s based on the “Majority Text” which is the largest collection of copies of the Bible and fragments that all agree close to 100% – it consists of about 95% of the fragments of Scripture that we have. The King James and the New King James Bible are the only two current English translations based only on the reliable texts. All other translations (and even the non-translations) are based more so, or fully, on the Vatican-altered texts, since they are an enemy of God in every way they can figure out and scheme.

Quick note on the King James, yes I realize some people…”

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Romans 1 – Intro

Romans 1 introduction
“Romans is one of the most life-changing Books in the New Testament. Romans 1:1-17 explains Paul’s close bondservant relationship with Jesus, and his apostolic authority, and that the devil kept opposing Paul’s travel to Rome. And the famous “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ…” Then Romans 1:18-32 explains that God talks to everyone, including all unsaved rebels as they grow darker, into stages of sin, and the wrath of God increases in stages, against all pagan behavior everywhere in the world. Romans 2 condemns arrogant Jews who claim their heritage from Abraham as their salvation, while rejecting Jesus (their Jewish Messiah). Then chapter 3 proves that all Jews and all Gentiles are condemned by their own willful sins. Romans 3 stops every mouth from justifying themselves. And that there is no way for anyone to save themselves by good works, from God’s eternal judgment. Then in Romans chapters 4-8 & 10:9-13 Paul explains saving faith and spiritual growth. And there are many more messages we plan to study over the next few months as we work through Romans.

The devil built 7 world government empires from after the flood until the end of time on earth;

(1) the tower of Babel,

(2) Chaldean,

(3) Egyptian,

(4) Babylonian,

(5) Meade & Persians,

(6) Greek,

(7a) Roman empire,

and (7b) the revived Roman empire; “it is of the seven” in Revelation 17:11.

The devil worked so hard to build the 6 previous evil empires, but God had already ruined them. In the capital city of Rome, the devil planted in Rome, every false religion he could make, to keep Rome as a pagan nation. So also, the devil opposed Paul going to Rome to preach the gospel, because the devil knew God’s truth would ruin the false religions of Rome too…”

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https://www.RestoreMBI.com/Romans1-introduction.htm https://www.RestoreMBI.com/Romans1-introduction.pdf

Bill Gates COVID and 5G – Short Report

Bill Gates COVID and 5G – Short Report

[Eugenicists blame Coronavirus on an “act of God” as if they were now “gods”]

“The following is a sequence of articles showing multiple strong agendas attached to the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent actions to “contain” it. We are convinced that Bill Gates and his eugenicist (murderous) friends have been looking for a cohesive strategy to push forward all of these agendas and that the Coronavirus was their only way forward. It was a big risk on their part, and we trust that those who are close enough to complete a case against Bill Gates and others will find a way to verify the necessary information and get it immediately out into the public stream of conversations. That is the only way to catch criminals like this. They thrive on secrets and so any secret attempt to catch them fails, because they are tactfully ahead of any secret strategy to prosecute them. It can only be a public action that will require all of the information to become public knowledge in order to attempt to prosecute.

People really need to stop falling for the two-sided games as if this attack on the world were just a misguided assortment of attempts to solve a problem. These problems ARE CREATED by leadership from both sides of every equation in order to maintain “order” over the people. This is not an unplanned competition of liberals versus conservatives or communists versus democracy or United States, Italy, and Britain versus China, Russia, and Iran or globalists versus trade unions or any of the other double games that are just propaganda to oppress the people of the world. These global events are always planned and there is a reason all of these agendas are being forced at once. The one world government cannot succeed by passively letting the people choose what we want to focus on. They can only succeed in conquering the whole world by forcing all kinds of things that we don’t want followed by a slight backtracking and an admission that it was too drastic of a response, but still leaving most of the newly invasive infrastructure in place to be used against us again in the near future. Do some investigation and you will discover that something is seriously wrong, even if there’s not enough information to prove guilt yet. May God help people work together and locate the necessary information to stop their threats against the world….”

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Obey Authority – Romans 13

Obey Authority – Romans 13 [Reviewing what God’s Word says about authority]

“Paul’s Epistle to the Churches in Rome is truly amazing. Romans still talks to Christians today. Look at the precise wording in Romans 13, that is the chapter that tells us to obey the government, but most American Christians haven’t looked closely enough. When Romans 13 tells us to obey the government, are we told to obey the US Constitution, or obey the banker-military mafia overthrow? Is there any way that God would tell you to obey the 666 mafia? They will become the 666 world government during the 7 year tribulation/great tribulation. No, holy God is always holy. God will never tell you to obey the devil’s world government. In fact, God wants us to oppose the devil’s government. But the 666 mafia wants to trick you to accept their takeover. Do you see that all 501c3 churches are assigned to push this false teaching from FEMA?…”

https://www.incpu.org/obey-authority-Romans13.htm https://www.incpu.org/obey-authority-Romans13.pdf

God’s Holy Mount

Holy God, angels, demons

“A dear brother recently asked me about the older and newer angels. Pastors never talk about Lucifer’s fall, or demons. God’s Word tells us God made all of the angels perfect, and God tells us why the devil decided to become evil. God also gave us many details about His home we call Heaven. So those are the topics of this Bible study. We Christians know we must stand strong against the devil, even if we don’t understand all of it. But there is great value for our faith to know and understand what started all of those problems. Please allow me to prove all of these things with Scripture.

Heaven, let’s talk about Heaven for a few minutes. I capitalize Heaven because it’s an actual place, as compared to the heavens which are millions of stars and planets. For many years I wondered what God did for millions of years before He made earth 6,000 years ago. That answer is hidden in Isaiah 14:13 in one of the five “I will” boasts of Lucifer as he started his rebellion; “I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north.” You can find all of these phrases in the two paragraphs called Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 a little farther down in this Bible study.

What we call Heaven is the top half of “the holy mountain of God” It is made of “fiery stones”. That mountain has a lower half and a higher half, and the middle is covered in “clouds”. The “clouds” form a social barrier and privacy barrier. The top half of the mountain is called “the mount of the congregation” God has two thrones on the top half. God’s highest throne and large court yard is at the top of the “mount of the congregation”. And God has a throne among the “mount of the congregation”, among the older angels. But who is that “congregation”? And why did Lucifer want to sit up there? It can’t be Adam and Eve because they live on the earth. It can’t be the new angels because Lucifer and the new angels live below the “cloud” barrier. The “congregation” are the older angels. We get to know those older angels in Revelation, during the 7 year tribulation/great tribulation, when God takes the earth back from the devil, because the devil tried to steal the earth. Those older angels are so powerful that they can deliver God’s judgments to destroy everything the devil built, and the devil can’t stop them. They will deliver God’s judgments to destroy the devil’s last and final government.

God has a loving and beautiful personality; “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control.” How could anyone think that God remained alone floating in space for millions of years, by Himself until He made earth? He did not. God was not alone. God made a “congregation” of strong angels living very close to Him near the top of the “mount of the congregation”. Their social friendship has continued for millions of years…”

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