New Skit – “Hello I’d Like to Work for God”/Moody Founder’s Conference

>>> New Skit just in time for Moody Founder’s Week October 2023

Moody Founder’s Week Conference is being scattered away by the enemies of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Let’s review some quick history:
From 1880-1886, Evangelist Dwight Moody started conferences in his home in Northfield, Massachusetts to encourage missions.
In 1886, Dwight Moody founded the Student Missions Conferences in Northfield to equip YMCA young college men to do ministry on college campuses and to do evangelistic missions in many countries. There were 200 men who arrived this year from around the world. Also, in 1886, Dwight Moody also started plans for the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.
In 1893, Northfield Conferences had developed into large evangelism training conferences for both men and women. And in Chicago, speakers arrived from around the world to train students for gospel ministry and preaching to the millions of world travelers who arrived at the Chicago World’s Fair.

This is the founder’s idea, DL Moody working with God, for the Northfield Conference and Moody Founder’s Week Conference. Dwight Moody, the founder of both of these conferences, wanted men and women to be equipped for missions and ministry in America and around the world.

However, there have always been enemies of Christ working to undo what these believers were building up in Christ. Between World War 1 and World War 2, enemies of the cross of Christ had murdered one headmaster of Moody’s Northfield Schools and had turned the schools away from ministry training to focus on business training. The Northfield Conferences were scattered away between the years of 1943-1945 and Northfield would later begin partnerships with United Nations programs and every secular philosophy and religion. Now the Northfield Massachusetts schools have an inter-faith chaplain and student groups for every false religion and LGBTQ behaviors, and the schools are unrecognizable to their founder’s work of reaching all nations for Christ.

In Chicago, the attacks of the enemies of the cross are slower and more secretive, because many of their earlier methods failed to change the Moody Bible Institute away from the gospel of Christ. Christ’s enemies have tried to stop Moody Bible Institute with accusations like causing dissension in the body of Christ and mass-producing evangelism methods for money and proud reputation. They also tried to turn MBI into business training and away from evangelism training. They tried to make MBI leadership more secular and ecumenical. All of these attacks eventually laid the ground-work for open partnership between the Roman Catholic enemies of the cross with their secret Jesuit partners who are ruining MBI and Moody Church, along with their partners in demonic psychology.

In both Northfield and Chicago, the Jesuits have taken property for themselves away from Moody’s schools. And in both Northfield and Chicago, they only want to include students who despise the preaching against sin and evangelism practices that Jesus did when he sent out His disciples to reach out to many cities, and who falsely declare Jesus’ authority to conquer sin and death without repentance. These enemies of Christ do not want conferences that teach street evangelism and gospel preaching like Dwight Moody’s friends were doing. So the enemies of the cross of Christ are using false regulations and schedule changes to scatter people away from the Moody Founder’s Week Conference. Men like Mark Jobe, Erwin Lutzer, and their friends are trying to scatter and confuse the work of this conference.

So we wrote a skit to encourage others to do what God has inspired D. L. Moody and others to do – work for God.

– Thank you!
servants of Christ,
the RestoreMBI team


You can read it here! It’s called: “Hello! I’d Like to Work for God”

TGMT series, Skit 2, “Hello! I’d Like to Work for God!

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