Bill Gates COVID and 5G – Short Report

Bill Gates COVID and 5G – Short Report

[Eugenicists blame Coronavirus on an “act of God” as if they were now “gods”]

“The following is a sequence of articles showing multiple strong agendas attached to the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent actions to “contain” it. We are convinced that Bill Gates and his eugenicist (murderous) friends have been looking for a cohesive strategy to push forward all of these agendas and that the Coronavirus was their only way forward. It was a big risk on their part, and we trust that those who are close enough to complete a case against Bill Gates and others will find a way to verify the necessary information and get it immediately out into the public stream of conversations. That is the only way to catch criminals like this. They thrive on secrets and so any secret attempt to catch them fails, because they are tactfully ahead of any secret strategy to prosecute them. It can only be a public action that will require all of the information to become public knowledge in order to attempt to prosecute.

People really need to stop falling for the two-sided games as if this attack on the world were just a misguided assortment of attempts to solve a problem. These problems ARE CREATED by leadership from both sides of every equation in order to maintain “order” over the people. This is not an unplanned competition of liberals versus conservatives or communists versus democracy or United States, Italy, and Britain versus China, Russia, and Iran or globalists versus trade unions or any of the other double games that are just propaganda to oppress the people of the world. These global events are always planned and there is a reason all of these agendas are being forced at once. The one world government cannot succeed by passively letting the people choose what we want to focus on. They can only succeed in conquering the whole world by forcing all kinds of things that we don’t want followed by a slight backtracking and an admission that it was too drastic of a response, but still leaving most of the newly invasive infrastructure in place to be used against us again in the near future. Do some investigation and you will discover that something is seriously wrong, even if there’s not enough information to prove guilt yet. May God help people work together and locate the necessary information to stop their threats against the world….”

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