Obey Authority – Romans 13

Obey Authority – Romans 13 [Reviewing what God’s Word says about authority]

“Paul’s Epistle to the Churches in Rome is truly amazing. Romans still talks to Christians today. Look at the precise wording in Romans 13, that is the chapter that tells us to obey the government, but most American Christians haven’t looked closely enough. When Romans 13 tells us to obey the government, are we told to obey the US Constitution, or obey the banker-military mafia overthrow? Is there any way that God would tell you to obey the 666 mafia? They will become the 666 world government during the 7 year tribulation/great tribulation. No, holy God is always holy. God will never tell you to obey the devil’s world government. In fact, God wants us to oppose the devil’s government. But the 666 mafia wants to trick you to accept their takeover. Do you see that all 501c3 churches are assigned to push this false teaching from FEMA?…”

https://www.incpu.org/obey-authority-Romans13.htm https://www.incpu.org/obey-authority-Romans13.pdf

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