What is spiritual growth?

What is spiritual growth?(And how are you growing spiritually?)

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, (April 2020)

A couple of common questions that we have heard for years, as with any Bible teacher, are: 1) what is spiritual growth? And 2) how do I know if I’m growing in my walk with Jesus? And a follow up is how long does growth take? The third question being tongue-in-cheek, of course, because all of us wish we could grow faster than we are. But just like you can’t rush a plant to grow, you can’t rush your soul and character to grow either.

To put it differently, if God showed you and me every detail of things that we (individually) need to grow and change in to be a faithful and most use-able servant of Jesus, you and I would definitely panic, if not die on the spot from the stress. Thankfully God is patient. He’s a very good, gentle and patient coach to those who listen to Him, and a very strict judge on those who reject Him. But, don’t expect satan or his Catholic-run media to tell the honest truth about Jesus – because they never will. These days, God doesn’t seem to have a lot of people to contradict the lies said against Him, or to defend His caring and righteous character. But that will have to wait for other studies, and for others to stand up and defend Him and holiness. Would you take up that task? Pray about it.

Back to the topic of spiritual growth, we here in America (especially) have, up until now, had just a…

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