Are all sins equal

“Are all sins equal?
This world pushes a lot of lies. Surely you’ve noticed at least a few of them. But, when was the last time you reviewed the variety of lies that you noticed that the world is pushing?

Of interest, what’s most interesting about the “new lies” is that they are slightly altered version of the same old lies. Yeah, there’s nothing new under the sun – the same sins and lies that satan and his fellow demons tempt you and me with are the same ones that he has always tempted people with.

This study has 4 parts.
Part 1: intro, foundation… As you can see, God’s Scriptures have a lot to explain about sin – and satan and his pagan world systems are always trying to get you *out* of the Bible, and to lessen and erode your understanding of pure, 100% understanding of right and wrong, holy-fear wisdom vs shallow-hearted obeying rules, pure light and darkness, error and fact, truth and fiction/lies/deception. God’s Word is the only source that is 100% honest in all things that it covers – even in the little details. And God has answered all of the major topics that satan and his demon and human co-conspirators come up with. You’ll find it all in God’s Book – it’s not just one book divided in 2, but 1 Pure and Holy Book all the way through. And no, it’s not missing any pages! True enough that it does need to be translated more accurately and more honestly and deeply so it reflects the original texts better – Hebrew, Aramaic (a form of Hebrew), and Greek. But don’t rely on the Vatican to be honest about anything – ever. They weave in lies in everything they touch. They even write false translations to confuse you about what God really said. Not to mention they change definitions on everything – from pretending the “pope” has replaced Christ here on earth, to pretending Mary was perfect and the queen of Heaven and never had more children, to pretending that Peter was infallible and the first “pope”, to pretending that a pagan-led Catholic “priest” can forgive you sins, or that you should pray to the “saints” instead of God, through Jesus… and on and on. And that doesn’t even begin to discuss all of the many sins, crimes, sabotage, s*xual assaults and sins (and the abortions to hide those sins) that the Vatican and her Catholic leadership covers up, or her Italian mafia – the Jesuits (100% Catholic infiltrators and spies and saboteurs, 0% Hebrew/Jewish at all).

Speaking of which, that brings me to our topic of the day – are all sins, really equal? Let’s see what God has to say about that…”

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