Harmony of the Gospels – Passover & Resurrection, part1

Fresh off the presses 🙂
A new study… sort of ~ it’s kind of just part 1, meaning just the text that needs to be compared and woven together as one piece, as God intended 🙂 Feel free to join me 😀

Here’s the intro:”The Harmony of the 4 gospel accounts
[From God through Matthew/Levi, John-Mark (spiritual son of the apostle Peter), Luke (historian and herbal physician), and the apostle John (the youngest apostle)]

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,
I have wanted for years to be able to slow down enough and do a full study on comparing and blending together the 4 God-inspired scenes of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, specifically on the topic of Passover/Resurrection Day. What you are about to see is just the texts from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Someday, Lord-willing and when I’m not working long 5 to 6 day weeks and long days, maybe I’ll get to write a Bible study series correcting the many errors of so-called Bible teachers, the Vatican and her myriad of lies, and the blasphemies of so-called “Bible movies” including Mel Gibson’s and the so-called “Bible mini-series”. I have not found one Bible “movie” that is accurate to the text of the Bible – all of them change it to be stories, or cheap comforting words for all false religions, pretending all religions (plus Jesus, as they pretend) are the same.

But for now, I can at least collect the passages and post them below. Maybe you can join me in this study and collect your own notes, and maybe we can compare notes someday. That would be cool!

Okay, so let’s start in the order that most of our Bibles are in, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Please note that I’m using the NKJV for this. That is the best text that I know of aside from a Hebrew/Greek Interlinear, of which you can find a free one at ~ www.Scripture4all.org (that is the best one I have found so far), or you can use the work of Jay P. Green, or William Wuest, or a few others. I believe that none of the English translations are deeply accurate to the Hebrew and Greek texts, but the NKJV does the best for several reasons. 1) it’s based on the “Majority Text” which is the largest collection of copies of the Bible and fragments that all agree close to 100% – it consists of about 95% of the fragments of Scripture that we have. The King James and the New King James Bible are the only two current English translations based only on the reliable texts. All other translations (and even the non-translations) are based more so, or fully, on the Vatican-altered texts, since they are an enemy of God in every way they can figure out and scheme.

Quick note on the King James, yes I realize some people…”

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