#RedAlert, you need to see this – this is a transcript of a vid that the Google conglomerate of corporations forced Youtube to take down. But it has key info you need to see.

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Rockefeller, CV, and the Global Plan (a transcript)

Editor’s notes: The following is a direct transcript of a citizen journalist reporting on the peaceful global protests against the stealing and thwarting of freedoms by the world government leaders, illegally and against their own rules of law. And yet, also violating major laws around the world, Google and her subsidiaries, and Facebook (a CIA project, that promotes itself a public platform) is banning videos of citizen journalists who are trying to tell you things the Vatican+Jesuits, the masons, the secret societies, the fraternities, the think-tanks, and their CIA and fakestream “news” and the rest of the NWO team are trying to keep *you* from knowing. This is a #RedAlert.
If this article and link stops working, please leave a comment or send us an email. #ItTakesATeam.

I tried to list the words that this citizen-journalist posted on her screen as well as quoting the words in the clips and their video, verbal analysis. The many Fortune 500 corporations who hide behind the name of the conglomerate “Google” have taken this video down from Youtube, as well as many others like it in the last 5 to 10 years, but you can, possibly, still find it on vimeo.

In the transcript below, the words of individuals will be barely introduced. The name of the author of the video will be designated as #D-speaks. Some of you might recognize the person I’m speaking of. I don’t list the person’s name so that they do not get further harassed by illegal authorities acting as abusers instead of government leaders. Please pray for citizen journalists – the honest ones are a hunted group, but very important for pushing back the satanic tyranny we are watching. The fake ones can be mostly identified as they promote disinfo along with facts, and also in promoting the Jesuits, the fakestream “news”, and the false “prophets” of today.

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