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“… So, today’s topic, as seen in the title: What makes a God-pleasing lady/mom different? Let’s take a look. I just want to start out with a little announcement first. I’m blessed to have a Madre who deeply loves and serves Jesus and her family. I know that some people do not have that. I thank God for Barbara – whom I call “Madre”, because “Mother” is a tad too proper, stuffy and formal, and “Mom” is too… well cliché and bland. But even better, I can now call her “Ima” because I just learned the Hebrew word for Mom is “Ima” = [written in Hebrew text]! It should be alef, mem, alef, but this font doesn’t have alefs, so I had to write it yod, mem, alef… so oh well :D. So, if you don’t know Hebrew, but would like to, contact me – we’d love to connect you with our teacher Nina – she is so helpful.

I’m writing this study to, I pray, be a blessing to you whether you are a guy or a lady, and for the ladies even if your single, I believe you will find some very helpful passages and examples to help you to grow to be a God-fearing lady. I pray it challenges and encourages you.

If you’re a lady to grow to become a bold, caring, God-fearing Mom. If you’re a God-fearing Mom, to keep growing in these things and to teach other ladies also. And whatever age you are, (speaking to ladies still) that you learn to glean from Scripture of what you can grow in rather than feel guilty or condemned because you aren’t perfect.

If you’re a guy, I pray this short study helps you know how to avoid ladies who reject the fear of the Lord and who chase the sins and temporary pleasures of this life, not caring about the eternal life and kingdom to come – which some of them will not attain or make it to Heaven. But, also that God would encourage and inspire you to cherish the God-fearing ladies in your sphere of influence. Pray for them. Pray that they’d grow through trials. Pray that God would give them wisdom. Pray for their protection. And this should go without needing to be said – nurture them. Provide for them. Help them when you can. Or if you can’t help them, pray that God brings someone along who can help them. Don’t ignore the Godly and caring ladies around you – reach out to them. They need you as much as you need them.

Okay, so let’s look at qualities you see in God-fearing ladies. Above each passage, I note the character qualities…”

Read more here, including Godly examples to learn from!

Mom’s Day, May 2020

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