What about myths?

What about Myths?
Great question! Let’s see what the Bible has to say. (January, 2020)

“… What are “myths”? They are simply repeats of old lifeless mythologies about lesser “gods” and “goddesses” that have never existed and never will, but they have 2 levels to them. The first level is that they are a demonic counterfeit to something God has made and aimed to get people to worship demons or something in the created world rather than worshipping the Creator (Romans 1:16-25). The second level is that they are a distraction for humans – an illusion of choice, as it were. Myths and legends are also used as a legend or fanciful tale about a living human that satan and his fellow demons wanted to make look great – even as a “god”. The whole topic of “gods” and worship of idols is because the demonically-driven leaders around us want to be worshipped and obeyed absolutely as though they are actual “gods” and “goddesses”. You see this going on way back to Nimrod (leader of the rebels against God in the building of the Tower of Babel)…”

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