Open Reply to Warren Smith’s article on Z-radio

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ and fellow laborers, May 2021

Our team is very happy to see citizens reporting more and people speaking up more about abusive leaders, and especially crimes, scandals, and immoral activities. We know that those evil things being brought to light are the only way the honest church of Jesus Christ can fix the problems, help heal the wounded, and to bring abusers to justice, whatever punishment their crimes and evil merit.

Sometimes, though, someone writes an article where it would look okay to some, but for those who live closer to the problem, they know more of the details. In the case of this article written by a former Chuck Colson team-member about a local music station in FL, we know a lot more details. And knowing more info, we have to say that this article is poorly written, at best. Do you want proof for any of the details and topics we mention in this article, just ask. We will be happy to provide you examples, links and articles.

You can read more of the article at the links below.

> On

> Also on

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