Frozen2 – FEDBP report

“Greetings servants of Christ and friends, (December 2019)

In case you hadn’t heard, the sequel to the very popular demonic-disney film “Frozen” is in theaters across the US and around the globe (I’m sure)… and about to get replaced by the mystic 9th episode of star-sorcery, Star Wars 9, the Rise of Skywalker (also a demonic/Jesuit disney film). Frozen 2 came to theaters just before Thanksgiving – it even gave a brief visual reference of celebrating thankfulness, implying that it’s in theaters on a certain schedule (more on the later). So, what we intend to do here is first write out the script/outline (as we usually do), then some analysis, and along the way quotes, references, explanations and huge concerns – and in this case, even false prophecies to confuse the next generations of little ones. First off, the story plotline….”

You can find the full Frozen2 report here:

Or part 1 of this Frozen2 report, here:

Or part 2 of this Frozen2 report, here:


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