Welcome to today's episode of 'follow the fisherman'. I'm your host, Steven Henry. (see short story below)

I was driving home from work today, saw a few young guys next to a broken-down vehicle, so I stopped to see if I could help. They had a tow-truck on the way, so I introduced myself and got their names. One of the guys got a phone call, but ...I struck up a short conversation with another guy named Mark. I asked him what happens when we check out of this life? He got my question and responded with 'nothing'. Not the answer I expected, but I quickly walked him through the logic that everything around us convinces us that there has to be a Creator - a point, he sort of accepted. Just about then, a tow-truck came, so I knew I had to wrap this up quickly. So, I asked Mark if he had kept the 10 Commandments and walked him through several of them - he only thought he was guilty of 2 (strange, I thought, and he hasn't ever lied, he's sure of it...) In talking about the 10 Commandments, Mark did mention that his Dad walked out on him at a young age, to which I responded with a caring concern - which I think he appreciated. But, after briefly talking about the 10 Commandments, Mark then he tried to say that if God compared us to the 10 Commandments, He'd (somehow) be wrong because He was judging us. I quickly pointed out that even an earthly judge knows the difference between a mistake and a rebellious choice - to which he agreed. Then I started to make the point about how we don't to pay the penalty for our rebellion, but by this point, he was only half-listening. So, I wrapped it up by offering him a tract. He said no. So, I persisted telling him that the guy who wrote this tract was an atheist until he got in a car accident and that this was his spiritual journey. Still got a 'No thanks'... So, I smiled, thank him for the conversation and stated that I wished I could help them more with the vehicle, but that they looked like they were in good hands already. And that was it... I didn't get in as much as I wish I had, but Mark didn't seem to want to hear much more either.. so, I did plant a good seed or two, I think


Well that's it for now. ~ a fellow fisherman for Yeshua, SH