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Hello brothers and sisters and friends,

We passed out gospel tracts yesterday at the Tampa Bay, FL Rays Game - opening day. It was a good day! Passing out tracts at baseball games was new to us and traffic held us up so we didn't get there as early as we wished to. Still, it was a great time - handed out 100-150 tracts. Had quite a few who said 'no thanks'. Had one nice young man who said that he was so grateful to see Christians here because the day before he was greeted by JWs ('Jehovahs' witnesses) at his front door. And he commented that Christians have stopped reaching out, but we need to get back to that - we agreed! We gave him a tract and another booklet to read, and we saw him reading it as we left. Please pray for him - his name is Mike.

We also got to challenge at least one pastor that we need to be busy about the Lord's work. Please pray for him - I don't know his name.

Another thing we really appreciated is having the chance to scope out the area and prepare for the next time we go back

We also placed quite a few tracts on the cars in a couple of parking lots.

Thanks so much for the prayers! ~

Till next time, let's keep growing and telling people about Jesus!

a servant/life-slave of Jesus, SH

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