International News and Christian Prayer Update


Have you found a trustworthy new source in the ‘mainstream media’? Have you seen the list of which large corporations own which news outlets? Americans have been betrayed; only 9 very large corporations own 400+ news outlets and those large corporations are working together to combine Canada, Mexico and the USA into the North American Union. They want to turn this continent into one large money machine for themselves. How much do you know about the wealthy social elitist’s clubs such as: Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations(CFR), Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones or the Committee of Three Hundred? Those are not government agencies, they are social elitist clubs with about 10,000 - 20,000 members in this country – that is less than 1% of our population. They meet together at least once a year to plan how they can work together to change the financial systems in countries to make more money for themselves. There is a small amount of rivalry or competition amongst them but they are unified for a common goal. They believe each of them can make a lot more money with the NAU. These Elitists have been successful in a list of changes in the US, because they have clearly defined money ambitions. They were behind the assembling of the European Union. And they are currently working on NAFTA, MEFTA, CAFTA and SPP. These Elitists were successful at getting the mention of God out of our public schools. The reason the ‘elitists’ took any mention of God out of the schools is because Christians made them mad in the 1960’s, Christians always reject the one world government ideas (Revelation 13:16), so the ‘Elitists’ silenced any mention of our glorious Creator and His commandments, then they had to let that grow, while they worked on other parts of their plan. It has taken time to indoctrinate children and wait until they grow up and get into the work force. Ben Stein’s ‘Expelled’ movie is challenging some of this corruption.

Here is a partial list of names of those who are pushing the NAU, SPP, and NAFTA:

Abbreviation key (This is just 4 of the elitist groups):
Bilderberg (BB)
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Skull and Bones (S&B)
Trilateral Commission (TC)

You can find all 6,000 names of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) at: also:


And for more on the Bilderberg Club, we encourage you to check out:

Madeline Albright (CFR, TC)
Samuel Richard ‘Sandy’ Berger (BB, CFR)
Tony Blair (BB)
Thomas John ‘Tom’ Brokaw (CFR)
William P. Bundy - Ford Co. (BB, CFR, S&B)
George H. W. Bush (CFR, S&B, TC)
George W. Bush (
S&B, former TC – it is typical ‘TC’ policy for members to resign from the group when elected and then become members again after they are out of office)
Zbigniew Brzezinski (BB, CFR, TC)
Jimmy Carter (BB, CFR, TC)
Richard ‘Dick’ Cheney (CFR, TC)
William J ‘Bill’ Clinton (BB, CFR, TC)
Hillary Clinton (BB)
John Edwards (BB)
Henry Ford III (BB)
Ruth Bader Ginsberg (CFR)
Alan Greenspan (CFR, TC)
Henry Kissinger (BB, CFR, TC)
Mort Kondracke – reporter w/ FOX ‘News’ (CFR)
John McCain - pres. candidate (CFR)
Walter Mondale (BB, CFR, TC)
Rupert Murdoch – media elitist (CFR)
Robert A. Pastor – ‘SPP’ head (CFR)
Condoleezza Rice (CFR)
David Rockefeller (BB, CFR, TC-founder)
Rothschild family (BB – co-founder)
Dennis B. Ross (BB, CFR)
Donald Rumsfeld (BB, CFR)
‘Tony’ Snow (CFR) – talk show host
George Soros (BB, CFR)
George Stephanopoulos (BB, CFR)
Paul Wolfowitz (BB, CFR, TC)
James Zogby – Zogby Inter. Pollster (CFR)

Companies & and the media outlets they own (either owned and/or operated by elitists)(1):

Viacom (owns 20 major market US stations)

Rupert Murdoch (Australian) ~ News Corp:
Direct TV
Fox ‘News’
Fox International
Fox (networks)
Harper Collins Publishers
New York Post
News International
The Australian
The London Times
The Weekly Standard
Sony (media only)
Wall Street Journal
22 TV stations
132 newspapers

General Electric (GE)
CNBC (co w/ NBC)
History Channel (co w/Disney)

CNBC (co w/GE)
MSNBC (co. w/ MS)
13 stations

MSNBC (co-owned with NBC ~ ‘MS’ stands for Microsoft)

ABC (co w/ Chase M.)
History Channel (co w/GE)

Time Warner
Time Life

CBS (co w/Chase M.)
14 stations
200 affiliates

Chase Manhattan
ABC (co-owned w/ Disney)
CBS (co w/ West.)

Who controls which media (short list)(1):
(BB – Bilderberg; CFR - Council on Foreign Relations; TC – Trilateral Commission)

Bloomberg (CFR)
Business Week (CFR)
Daily News (BB)
Detroit Free Press (BB)
Deutsche Post (BB)
Financial Times (BB)
Fortune (CFR)
Int. Herald Tribune (BB)
Jerusalem Post (BB)
Los Angeles Times (CFR)
Miami Herald (BB)
National Review (BB)
New York Times (BB, CFR)
Newsweek Int. (BB)
Philadelphia Inquirer (BB)
The Economist (BB)
Time (BB, CFR)
US News World Rep. (CFR)
Wall Street Journal  (BB, CFR)
Washington Post (BB, CFR)

(If you have accidently been blessing any of these people, companies or news sources, please: I hope you will rethink your position.)

(1)  The above 2 lists were put together with info from the book by Daniel Estulin entitled:

The True Story of the Bilderberg Group’ ~ (, and through internet searches.


> One main thing in your quest for the facts and truth:
Seek God first with your whole heart and He will help the rest of life’s confusions make sense.

But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)



(This is a repost of clip from a previous 2-part article posted on 5-12-08, entitled: “(Part 1 of 2) USA & Constitution becomes NAU-Real ID & International Law w/ 800 detention camps). )