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Hello fellow laborers, prayer partners, and friends, 12-21-09


Merry Christmas to you! We pray that you have a blessed Christmas worshipping Christ. Please remember: all the rest is just stuff and idolatry. So we say: Forget the stuff. Celebrate Christ. Merry Christmas!


As usual, it is another busy week of news. The big money Elites are hoping you are too busy before Christmas, and they hope you don’t care as they push the ‘Health Care’ overhaul or overthrow for three final votes, the last one scheduled for Christmas eve. One of the votes is today, Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM. Please pray that God stops their 2,733 pages of disastrous changers for America! This is just one of the topics we discuss in this update - it’s just a sampling of what has been happening. Please study the news below and pray for our country. Your friends need to know this information, so please share this news update with everyone you care about.


Friends of Israel,

servants of Christ,

The Henry Family



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Topics in this edition of INCPU News:

·        Urgent News and Timeline on ‘Healthcare’ bill

·        Encouraging news and polls

·        More on the ‘Health Care’ Bill

·        Israel News Update

·        ‘Food for Thought’ with Pastor Chuck Baldwin

·        The Bible and recent Lies

·        Corporate media manipulation

·        News Headlines

·        Favorite Websites


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Urgent News and Timeline on HealthCare bill


We cannot find this info on the web, we got this by email.

Here’s most of the email we received:



Editor’s notes:

If you saw the news today, you know that the Senate already accomplished step one, Monday at 1 AM. There are 3 more votes - three more opportunities to stop them. ~ ~


Harry Reid has Scheduled the ObamaCare Vote for 1:00 AM MONDAY
Click Below to Tell the Senate to VOTE NO

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has scheduled the vote on the ObamaCare bill, the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" - at 1:00 AM MONDAY MORNING!.

You read that right: the liberal Democrats are preparing to sneak through their socialist health care bill... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

That means that TODAY, it's up to YOU AND ME to STOP the government takeover of health care in America!



All week long, we’ve been leading the efforts of our members to contact every single Senator, to DEMAND that they reject Harry Reid’s socialistic ObamaCare bill -- and as a result, over one hundred and fifty-eight THOUSAND faxes have FLOODED those Senate offices ALL WEEK LONG!

We’ve been able to keep the pressure on both Democrats and Republicans, letting them know that WE ARE WATCHING THEM and that we DEMAND they put a STOP to this radical monstrosity of a bill. And the good news is... we ARE having an effect on them!

WE CAN STILL DEFEAT THIS BILL. The bill pushed by Obama, and passed by leftist Democrats in the House, is NOT getting the full support of every Democrat in the U.S. Senate; and without all 60 of those votes, they will NOT be able to pass the NEXT cloture vote coming up soon...

Which means that we can STILL defeat it there -- IF we can overwhelm every Senator with our demands to STOP it!

Harry Reid has now introduced what is called his “manager’s amendment” -- the “secret deal” that will serve as a substitute for the decoy that was the 2,074-page bill the Senate has been debating for the past three weeks. So is this bill any better?


We CAN still win, by keeping the Democrats from getting the 60 votes they need on the next cloture vote, scheduled for MONDAY MORNING AT 1:00 AM... but we can't do it without YOUR help!



TAKE ACTION:Here is the “Countdown To America’s Doom” that we MUST STOP:

-- MONDAY, DEC 21st -- 1 am -- Cloture vote on manager's amendment (this is Reid’s “secret deal” that will serve as a substitute for the decoy that was the 2,074-page bill the Senate has been debating for the past three weeks)

--TUESDAY, DEC 22nd --7 am -- Cloture vote on full substitute bill

--WEDNESDAY, DEC 23rd -- 1 pm -- Cloture vote on overall bill

--THURSDAY, CHRISTMAS EVE -- 7 pm -- Final passage vote on health care reform -- THEY ONLY NEED 51 VOTES TO PASS IT THEN!

there are still at least four Democrats that we know of, who have NOT announced that they will vote for cloture. At the same time, there are a few liberal GOP RINOs who are dangerously close to voting Yes.


We CANNOT let the radical liberals in Congress -- and the White House -- force this plan for socialized health care on the American people! That's why we've set up our website to enable you to send a strong message to every single member of the U.S. Senate, OPPOSING this outrageous plan.

For about what it would cost you in time and telephone charges, you can send Blast Faxes to Democrats, Republicans, Independents -- EVERYONE in the U.S. Senate, DEMANDING that they REJECT this socialized health care plan NOW!



This fight CAN BE WON! Please, take action right away to STOP this bill in the U.S. Senate!

William Greene, President PAC


Editor’s analysis ~ Surely their actions are illegal in several ways:

The real Senate Health care bill is $2.3 trillion, 2733 pages bill, but the only document we have been able to find online so far is the 2074 page PDF file, and the 383 page “Manager’s Amendment”. Senator Mitch McConnell referenced it being 2,733 pages, not the 2074 pages that are publicly available online. So,  even with bills they have publicly released, there are still 276 pages missing. What is in those missing pages? Harry Reid worked on it behind closed doors and demanded a vote on it, this morning ~ 1 AM (12-21-09). This is very similar to how they conducted House ‘healthcare’ bill – planning behind closed doors, circulating 4 or 5 versions floating around, and the one they voted on was not even the final bill – there were 200+ pages they were not allowed to see.  Now, in the Senate bill, there at least 659 pages that we the people cannot see, and from the reports we have seen, unless things change – neither will our Senators. If they proceed on schedule, most will not have a chance to read it to even know what they are voting on. It’s time to pray hard and speak up. Please share this email with all of your friends! ~ ~


More headlines:

Who's responsible for the Senate's middle-of-the-night vote?

ALERT: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is preparing to force a critical vote on ObamaCare at 1:00 AM, Monday morning.

Take Action: Help Stop the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Scheme for a Government Takeover of Health Care!


White house team threatens Senator to get the vote through:

20 senators demand probe of health-care vote 'threat'


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Encouraging News and Polls


A collection of news polls, from the ‘mainstream pollsters’:

Editor’s comments: As you already know, the big money ‘Elites’ are also controlling and restricting the information available to us citizens. Even with their manipulations, the majority of Americans are against the ‘Healthcare’ overhaul or overthrow.


All of this Senate debate is probably illegal, because the real bill is hidden from most of the Senators and the public. How can these Senators vote on a bill they haven’t even had a chance to see? The real details were set up by a few Senators and hidden from the rest of the Senators.


So, in searching for poll numbers, I found that there are apparently quite a few other pollsters that ‘We the people’ do not know about, much less know their names. (Polling/surveying is a huge market.) We’d love to see the polls numbers of those researchers that the corporate and global elites don’t like! We know the big-money ‘Elites’ are controlling the information available, and here is what we could find. ~ ~


Washington Times poll: 96% oppose Senate ‘Health Care’ Plan (12-2009)

90% in New Poll DON'T WANT Government Health Care (12-09-09)


Rasmussen: 55% to 41%, oppose the ‘HealthCare’ bill (12-21-09)

NBC: 47% to 32%, against ‘Healthcare’ bill (12-16-09)

CNN: 61% Oppose Senate ‘HealthCare’ Plan (12-10-09)

Gallop: 49% to 44%, against ‘Healthcare’ Senate bill (11-30-09)

ABC POLL: 50% to 45% - Opposition to ‘HealthCare’ Reform Is on the Rise (08-21-09)


67% of Nebraska Voters Oppose Health Care Plan (12-16-09)

54% in Virginia Oppose Health Care Plan (12-09-09)

Iowa Poll: 47% oppose health care reform effort (09-25-09)

82%-85% of Texans say no to ‘HealthCare’ plan (08-14-09)


More Editor’s comments: There was even this poll, if the government must do something, there was significant support for a ‘Public Option’. The public option would allow each individual to decide whether to go with the government ‘care’ or choose their own. However, the only problem on that is that Senators and Representatives, who are supposed to serve “We the people”, do not want a public option. So, those bills and amendments that propose a public option get shot down very quickly, despite Harry Reid’s lies and deception. ~ (You can research it for yourself, and here are 2 articles to start with: HFP, IW.)

CBS Poll: 65% Support A 'Public Option' As Part Of Health Care Reform (09-30-09)


Other polls:

Rasmussen: 71% Angry at Federal Government, Up Five Points Since Sept. (11-30-09)

Fox ‘News’ Poll: 54% Prefer Congress Do Nothing on ‘HealthCare’ (12-10-09)


Another notable poll:

Rasmussen: 71% - Creating Jobs More Important Than Stopping Global Warming



More Good News:

Editor’s notes:

The public recognizes that the science doesn’t add up on ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’, and that it is caused by  solar flares or other natural causes.

Poll: 56%, 34% ‘global warming’ caused by solar & natural causes, not man (12-17-09)

Pew: Global Warming Dead Last Among Public Priorities (01-22-09)

10,600 Scientists Condemn Political Interference in Science (12-11-09)

They call this a consensus? (06-19-07)


Helpful explanation of facts, seeing through the ‘science’ of the ‘global warming’

Updated with Slides - Lord Christopher Monckton Speaking in St. Paul (10-14-09)


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More on the Senate Health Care Bill


More of what’s been going on with the ‘HealthCare’ bill in the Senate?

“Dr. No” Signs Onto ‘Healthcare’ Bill, Senate Expects Passage by Christmas (12-19-09)

Reid Compares Opponents of ‘Health Care’ Reform to Supporters of Slavery (12-08-09)

Health Bill Passes Key Test in the Senate with 60 Votes (12-21-09)

20 senators demand probe of ‘health-care' vote 'threat' (12-16-09)


Editor’s notes:

The games they are playing with us to get this passed are ruthless and scary. You may remember that during the Christmas break in 1913, when many congressmen had headed home for the holidays, the corrupt Senators voted to institute 2 illegal and unconstitutional schemes: ‘Federal Reserve’ (which is a privately owned bank that prints our money and loans the dollars to the US citizens at interest, more than 100% for each dollar they print.) and the ‘Income tax’, including the illegal IRS. (For more on this, check here, here, and here.) We need to find a way to effectively pursue the corrupt people involved (in Congress and behind the scenes) with criminal charges and/or lawsuits.


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Israel News Update


Dear friends, there is constantly so much going on in Israel, that I hope you are keeping up with Israel-friendly news sources, not anti-Israel sources like FOX News, CNN, etc – the ‘mainstream’ outlets. Here are a few of the latest events.


IDF document threatens violence against settlers (12-21-09)

Bereaved Parents: Topple PM if He Releases Murderers (11-20-09)


Good news in and for Israel:

10,000+ Israelis gather in Jerusalem to protest Netanyahu’s building freeze (12-09-09)

Poll: 52 to 33% - Majority of Israelis are against Yesha Building Freeze (08-26-09)


Editor’s comments:

For those who have not kept track of Netanyahu, he was trained by criminals. He was a shoe-salesman who was educated, funded and manipulated by at least 3 individuals we know of: George H. Bush, George Schultz, and Henry Kissinger. He is not and has not been a friend of the honorable people in Israel, including the very honorable Yesha settlers. He says nice things, and then does illegal things in secret, hoping he will not get caught. That is why you will see him taking stands on ‘both sides’ of the ‘fence’. A case-in-point is his recent move. There were Arab prisoners that disgraced former prime minister Ehud Olmert was afraid to release because of the public outcry. Since then, Olmert has been convicted of fraud, falsifying documents and tax evasion. Now, current prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working hard to release Arabs who were convicted of mass-murder. Netanyahu is a foe of the Israeli people, and I hope they are starting to catch on, because they need to soon, before Netanyahu uses the IDF to kill or maim more honorable settlers who are building on land God gave them by covenant.


Another example of Netanyahu’s treason against the honorable Israelis, including the Yesha settlers: Old Netanyahu Land for Peace with Syria document released (10-10-09)


The Israeli government doesn’t have to and shouldn’t release known criminals. But, they have – numerous times. As of November 30th 2008, the corrupt Israeli officials had released a total of 9,471 Arab prisoners. I have not researched to see how many were released in 2009. Please remember, these Arabs were arrested because they were either conspiring to hurt Israelis or they tried to hurt/kill Israelis. And they were released, under ‘pressure’ from corrupt officials in the US and Israeli governments. So, why is Netanyahu even talking about releasing more?


But, he is. Hamas, Israel are near swap of prisoners for soldier. Netanyahu and gang’s plan is to reportedly release some 1,000 ‘Palestinian’ prisoners, including the murdered, Marwan Barghouti. Even Olmert knew not to release him. But, apparently Netanyahu and team think they can get away with it. They can’t. But, let’s pray that God also stirs up the honorable Israelis to overturn this evil situation. Please remember to pray for the honorable Israelis often. They need many prayers for protection! ~ ~


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** We saved the best for last! **


‘Food for Thought’

with Pastor Chuck Baldwin


Interesting ‘Food for thought’ articles from Pastor Chuck Baldwin:

Anger with the Federal Government is not enough (12-18-09)

Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War? (12-11-09)

The Bush-Obama War (12-08-09)

An Open Letter To America's Christians (12-04-09)


And an organization of honest Bible-loving, Constitution-holding Pastors

The "Black Regiment"


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The Bible and recent Lies


Editor’s notes: We have seen that there is a paper published by a US Army major pushing lies and deceptions about the Bible’s worldview, and slandering Christians who oppose the one-world take-over by the global Elites. Those who deny God’s Word and reject His prophecies do so to their own harm. They can try to call God a liar all they want, but they are only adding to their judgment. Among the details that this Army Major ignored is that it’s the atheist-bankers and the Vatican who have sponsored wars and divisions for their own greedy wants and ambitions – it was not the literal Bible-believing, Bible-following Christians.


So, with that said, please note and watch out for articles by authors who don’t recognize and expose the evil deeds and schemes of the big money types, their false flag operations, and their documented progression toward a one-world-government and system. Those big-money types change everything they touch - nothing is sacred to them. ~ ~


* * *


Corporate-Media Manipulation


Pentagon's PSYOPs: Info Warfare Using Aggressive Psychological Ops (01-13-08)

Pentagon used psychological operation on US public, documents show  (10-22-09)


Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation  (01-03-03)

MOCKINGBIRD - The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA (1992 or later)

CIA Disinformation in Action, Operation Mockingbird & the Washington Post (04-25-92)


Media "Distortions" (2000 or later)

Media Manipulation (04-17-06)


Editor’s notes:

With the increase in deception and manipulation tactics used by the ‘mainstream’ media, we thought it was probably worth reminding you (our readers) the names of the 9 super-corporations that own and operate the 430+ ‘mainstream news’ outlets, that includes all of the TV News-entertainment. We have previously reported on this, but feel it helpful to refresh our readers on the information. Please keep in mind that these are the companies that daily dictate what the news outlets ‘can’ and ‘cannot’ talk about, and even ‘how’ they talk about the ‘issues’ they let them ‘report’. So, here are the 9 names:



Rupert Murdoch (News Corp)

General Electric

NBC (co-owned by SBC/Comcast and GE)



Time Warner


Chase Manhattan


The INCPU news team previously reported on this in a 2-part article entitled: (Part 1 of 2) USA & Constitution becomes NAU-Real ID & International Law w/ 800 detention camps), which you can find here. Also, we reposted this part of the article on our new site, where we document what the 9 super-corporations own and what big-money groups own the media. We encourage you to go see this repost on our site:Have you found a trustworthy news source among the ‘mainstream news’ outlets?


* * *


News Headlines


Vaccine fraud:

The Chemtrail – H1N1 Connection (09-16-09)

Chemtrails Timeline: 1962-2000, 2001-2004, 2005-2008

VacciNation: Duped by Medical Quackery (12-20-09)


New World Order in the making:

Germany to Introduce New RFID Card (12-20-09)

NSA’s $1.9 billion cyber spy center a power grab (12-20-09)


More news on the 9-11-01 Pentagon ‘attack’:

Independent Investigation Into Pentagon Attack Yields Alarming Info (08-28-09)


Ø  Banksters repeating history:
80 Years After the Great Crash -- 'Is It the '30s Again?' (10-18-09)

Ø  Spy bugs: U.S. military create live remote-controlled beetles to bug conversations  (10-19-09)

Ø  LIESSen. Rockefeller, part of the Rockefeller criminal family,  wants to shut down the internet based on his lies, threats, and disinformation (propaganda):

Rockefeller: Internet is “Number One National Hazard” (03-23-09)

Rockefeller shutting down Internet - Bills 773 & 778 (04-08-09)

Editor’s notes: Anyone who has kept up with the Rockefeller’s extremely long list of evil deeds and schemes, including their Oil monopolies, Bechtel evil contracts in Israel and Iraq, and their part in founding the ‘Council on Foreign Relations’ (CFR) and purchasing the land for and funding of the one-world government headquarters: the UN – Those who track these treasonous and murderous actions of their family, also know that Jay Rockefeller is not honorable, just bold-faced lying and is part of the Elitist takeover of the US. So, when he speaks, please know he’s just lying. Cyber-security is not a threat like they describe because our infrastructure is not as computerized as Mr. Rockefeller stated, as confirmed to us by one of our sources. However, when GE finishes installing their ‘Smart-grid’, then we might have trouble with them or another super-huge corporation tampering with the system to scare us into submitting to their globalist agenda. The only reason the Elites talk about cyber-terrorism is because they are frustrated that they keep getting caught on the internet for the illegal and unconstitutional activities. If any of this is new to you, you can study it out for yourself – the information is out there and available. Double-check it yourself. And triple-check anything con-artists like Mr. Rockefeller say. ~

Similar story:

Rothschild Biographer: Dollar to Suffer Long, Protracted Death (10-20-09)

Ø  Bill Gates donations go too…. (drum roll please!) :
‘Flying syringe’ mosquitoes, other ideas get Gates funding (10-23-08)


Editor’s notes: Don’t trust ‘Faux’ (aka “FOX”) News on the Swine flu… or any subject for that matter. They are owned and controlled by one of the top greedy businessmen in the world: Rupert Murdock (an Australian businessman who has a media empire in Australia, the US, and has been working on building one in India.) Proof that FOX ‘News’ is owned is that they play commercials for GlaxoSmithKline (the maker of the deadly ‘vaccine’), and is even caught red-handed pushing their agenda. Below is another story of the behind the scenes business deals.


* - * - * - *

Single-Payer & Interlocking Directorates (08-2009)
The business ties between insurance companies media corporations ~ when members of large companies sit on the boards of media corporations, and at very least, ‘adjust’ their coverage of the ‘news’ – the result is lies and extra advertisements, in the form of ‘journalism’.


Media Corporation |        Insurance and Pharmaceutical Companies

Fox/News Corp      |        GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, Hybritech… (August 2009)

Other FOX news articles of interest:

Fox News Inspired Protesters Locked in Voodoo Trance (10-18-09)


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Thank you for reading the news and prayer points in this update. Please keep praying for Israel and our country. And please keep encouraging/inspiring people to repent and learn to follow Jesus, growing in hunger and thirst for His Word. Also, your friends need to know this information in this news update- so please share this news update with everyone you care about.

~ Merry Christmas! ~

~ Friends of Israel, servants of Christ, the Henry family ~


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Favorite Websites *


* RawStory has some strong liberal-political leanings that influence some of their reporting,

but some in their news-team still report on things that no one else is reporting on.



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