RedAlert! FEMA Regions Lockdown (Jesuit end-game)




Hello fellow prayer partners, citizen journalists and friends, May 3, 2020


As I noted in the banner, this is an INCPU report, and a #RedAlert. If you haven’t seen our previous report on the Vatican’s threats to destroy and take over America, this one might not make as much sense to you. But, after you read their quotes, you’ll see why we are alarmed. You can find that research paper here:



We are delighted to see so many people alert and so many citizens protesting evil and/or calling out, and even becoming citizen journalists. That is very heartening since 15 years ago when we saw so very few honest followers of Christ who stood up to evil at all. So, we thank God for that. We are also so glad to see so many of you building citizen community and communication groups and sharing what you can find and figure out – that’s wonderful too!


This attack, before the time for the literal Tribulation, is still underway. #Jesuit #Trump seems to be planning a part 2 this summer with both a created-famine and #JADEHELM (military drill happening since the 1980s, every summer from July 15 to September 15th. So there is a lot going on. Some of you already know that there is an organized famine going on – the NWO team used the CV lies to shut down small businesses, manufacturers, and farms across the US. We are headed for a created-crisis. And on top of that, Jesuit Trump, on Friday March 13, 2020,  declared a state of “national emergency” across the US, and by his own admission has been working closely with each governor – meaning he’s guilty of their crimes too – he gave the order. Along with that declaration of “national emergency”, he set up FEMA (an illegal international NAFTA/NAU organization) to be in charge of the US, to bypass the US Constitution. He then set himself on top of FEMA. That’s a coup d’etat move. That’s just the short notes. So, as you can see, we have a lot more work to do. Remember, as always #ItTakesATeam. If you see something, say something – not to them, but to your friends. The only way to outdo their ultra-rich community of mafia thugs is to keep working to form God-fearing communities to oppose them, and to keep working diligently in the righteous things God gives our hands to do.

> https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/coronavirus-state-emergency/

> https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/13/coronavirus-emergency-declaration-trump-128530


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Now to the topic at hand. As you can see, there’s some serious concerns about FEMA. Research the intentional (“accidental”) “mishaps” that the NWO did to the refugees during the #WeatherWar made #Hurricane #Katrina. So many different evil things – and many of them haven’t been prosecuted yet.


But as I mentioned above #FEMA isn’t a part of the US government – it’s a part of the NWO international “govt”. It works with wicked and vile predator type international corporations like #UnitedNations and #InterPol and #IMF. So, setting up FEMA to be in charge of the US for an over-hyped (and dare we say “rigged”?) plan-demic is criminal and treasonous by itself. But, there’s one more detail about FEMA that I need to draw your attention to.


Some of you know that we are among the few who call out Trump for his Jesuit background and working secretly with the Jesuit “pope” in Rome. That matters. It’s not insignificant. And here’s more proof of that – the 10 capitol city-regions of the 10 US FEMA zones or districts, are controlled b Jesuits. Yes, you read that right. Now, let me explain that not all of those in the NWO international mafia team are Jesuits, and neither are all of the Roman Catholic cult “priests” Jesuits – but all Jesuits serve Rome, they are not Jewish – they are Catholic pretending to be Jewish, just like the Freemason cultists pretend to be Jewish – no, they Kabbalah/Catholic mystics. If you look closer than the fakestream press, you see that very easily and very clearly.

> Trump = Jesuit - https://www.incpu.org/Updated-Trump-Jesuit-agent.htm




But, let me now prove to you that the 10 FEMA regions are run by Jesuits. We had to pull several different research pieces to figure this out – and they don’t want you to realize this whole plan is to try to murder or silence all anti-Rome people… but God. So, keep exposing evil. But also realize one of the teams you are fighting against is the whole variety of Rome’s agents – including the Jesuits.


>> The 10 districts are broken up like this.

*** Section 1/Region 1 includes – Maine (ME), Vermont (VT), New Hampshire (NH), Massachusetts (MA), Rhode Island (RI), and Connecticut (CT).

-- Capitol of this region is: Boston, MS


*** Section 2/Region 2 includes – New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

-- Capitol of this region is: New York City, NY


*** Section 3/Region 3 includes – Pennsylvania (PA), Delaware (DE), West Virginia (WV), Virginia (VA), and the illegal city-state of the “Washington DC”, DC = “District of Columbia” (DC)

-- Capitol of this region is: Philadelphia, PA, working closely of course with DC


*** Section 4/Region 4 includes – Kentucky (KY), Tennessee (TN), Mississippi (MS), Alabama (AL), Georgia (GA), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), and Florida (FL)

-- Capitol of this region is: Atlanta, GA


*** Section 5/Region 5 includes – Minnesota (MN), Wisconsin (WI), Michigan (MI), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), and Ohio (OH)

-- Capitol of this region is: Chicago, IL


*** Section 6/Regions 6 includes – New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana

-- Capitol of this region is: Denton, TX (short drive away from both Fort Worth and Dallas)


*** Section 7/Region 7 includes – Nebraska (NE), Iowa (IA), Kansas (KS), and Missouri (MO)

-- Capitol of this region is: Kansas City, MO/KS


*** Section 8/Region 8 includes – Montana (MT), Wyoming (WY), North Dakota (ND), South Dakota (SD), Utah (UT), and Colorado (CO)

-- Capitol of this region is: Denver, CO


*** Section 9/Region 9 includes – California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, US Trust of Territory of Pacific Islands

-- Capitol of this region is: Oakland, CA (a suburb of San Francisco)


*** Section 10/Region 10 includes – Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

-- Capitol of this section is: Seattle, WA




Now, here is the proof that Jesuits are influencing and directly involved in leading the 10 FEMA regions. The why they are doing this is apparently to stop we-the-people from arresting and prosecuting predator “priests”.


What you are about to see below are the Jesuit colleges and retreat centers around all 10 of the FEMA region capitols. Research quoted from our college reports - https://www.RestoreMBI.com/RC-list-state.htm


Boston, MA

>> Section 1 capitol is Boston, Massachusetts (MA). Here are the Jesuit colleges, universities and retreat centers near there

>>                    Campion Center                       1960                    Boston, MA                 Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO

>>           Eastern Point Retreat House          1958                 Gloucester, MA              Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO

Coed               Boston College                 1863 / 14,171        Chestnut Hill, MA            Yes             RC/DJ       SJO

Coed        Holy Cross, College of the     1843 / 2,511           Worcester, MA              Yes               RC/DJ       SJO

Women           Regis College                   1927 / 1,188             Weston, MA                Yes               RC/DJ       SJO

Coed              Gordon College                1889 / 1,095      Wenham, MA (Boston)       Yes          private/DJ   USJ
Coed     Gordon-Conwell Theo. Sem.
    1969 / unknown   Wenham, MA (Boston)    Yes              DJ         USJ
Coed               Merrimack College            1947 / 3,775       Andover, MA (Boston)        Yes          RC/DJ       USJ
Coed                 Stonehill College                1948 / 2,645           N. Easton, MA              Yes            RC/DJ       USJ
Coed         Weston School of Theology             2008              Chestnut Hill, MA       Yes           RC/DJ       SJO
                  @ Boston College              (Jesuit graduate school of Jesuit Boston College)


New York City, NY

>> Section 2 capitol is New York City, New York (NY). Here are the Jesuit colleges, universities and retreat centers near there

>>              Jogues Retreat House         unknown       Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY      Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO

>>            Loyola House of Retreats           1927                 Morristown, NJ              Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO

>> Dominican Retreat/Conference Center    pre-1900       Niskayuna, NY              Yes          DJ/DN           USJ

>>      Graymoor Spiritual Life Center         1898                   Garrison, NY               Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
>>  Mariandale Retreat/Conference Center     1976          Ossining, NY                Yes               DJ/DN       USJ
>> Our Lady of the Atonement Retreat House    1898        Garrison, NY               Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
>>   Stella Maris Retreat/ Renewal Center     1859          Skaneateles, NY             Yes               DJ/FR      USJ Coed              Canisius College              1870 / 4,396              Buffalo, NY                 Yes               RC/DJ       SJO
Coed          Fordham University            1841 / 14,128        New York City, NY           Yes               RC/DJ    SJO
Coed           Le Moyne College                1946 / 2,011            Syracuse, NY               Yes               RC/DJ       SJO   Coed           St. Francis College               1858 / 3,000        New York City, NY           Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
Coed      St Thomas Aquinas College    1972 / 1,786            Sparkhill, NY               Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
Coed      Union Theological Seminary     1836 / 326        New York City, NY         Yes           private/DJ   USJ


Philadelphia, PA

>> Section 3 capitol is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA). Here are the Jesuit colleges, universities and retreat centers near there

>>      Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth      1927                Wernersville, PA            Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO
>> Franciscan Retreat Center/Neumann Univ  2001                Aston, PA                  Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
>>          Saint Francis Retreat House             1963                    Easton, PA                 Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
Coed                Kings College                    1946 / 2,343         Wilkes-Barre, PA            Yes               RC/DJ       USJ Men    St. Charles Borromeo Sem.          1832 / 513           Philadelphia, PA             Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
Coed            St. Francis College               1847 / 1,656              Loretto, PA                 Yes               RC/DJ       USJ Coed         St. Joseph's University          1851 / 5,578          Philadelphia, PA             Yes               RC/DJ       SJO
Men     St. Vincent Coll. & Seminary       1846 / 978               Latrobe, PA                Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
Coed         University of Scranton           1888 / 4,542            Scranton, PA                Yes               RC/DJ       SJO
Coed          Villanova University             1842 / 10,753           Villanova, PA               Yes               RC/DJ       USJ Coed   Wharton School Bus. @UPenn   1881 / unknown      Philadelphia, PA      Yes            RC/DJ    USJ/SJO

*> Other honorable mentions:

>>          Loyola on the Potomac (River)             1958                 Washington, DC             Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO
>>             Washington Retreat House                1930                 Washington DC              Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
Coed               Catholic University               1887 / 7,750           Washington, DC             Yes           private/DJ   USJ
Coed           De Sales Hall of Theology              1949 / 21               Washington DC               Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
Coed           Georgetown University           1789 / 12,229          Washington DC              Yes               RC/DJ       SJO


Atlanta, GA

>> Section 4 capitol is Atlanta, Georgia (GA). Here are the Jesuit colleges, universities and retreat centers near there

>>       Ignatius House Retreat Center         1960                 Atlanta, GA                 Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO

Other notes: Atlanta has a lot of Masonic activity and has for along time. It’s run like a machine. Some big-name pretend religious leaders who are fake.


Chicago, IL

>> Section 5 capitol is Chicago, Illinois (IL). Here are the Jesuit colleges, universities and retreat centers near there

>>  Bellarmine Hall / Jesuit Retreat House   1948       (Chicago) Barrington, IL       Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO >>         Bethany Retreat Center                 2005               (East) Chicago, IL            Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO >>                    Christine Center                   1980                   Wheaton, IL                Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
Coed        Loyola Univ. of Chicago      1870 / 14,786             Chicago, IL                 Yes               RC/DJ       SJO

Coed Northwestern University (RF)        1851 / 15,701    Evanston, IL                  Yes            state/DJ    USJ

Coed St. Francis, College of                  1930 / 3,575                Joliet, IL                 Yes           RC/DJ         USJ

Coed St. Louis University Parks      1946 / 1,072       Cahokia, IL                  Yes      RC/DJ          USJ

          (above cont: College of Aviation and Technology)

Coed St. Xavier University                 1846 / 2,311    Chicago, IL           Yes    RC/DJ          USJ

Coed Trinity Evangelical Divinity   1897 / 896          Deerfield, IL         Yes    EFCA/DJ          USJ

Coed University of Chicago (RF)     1890 / 9,329       Chicago, IL Yes       RC/DJ                    USJ

          School (TEDS)                            (Evangelical Free Church of America)

Coed University of Chicago (RF)     1890 / unknown Chicago, IL Yes    RC/DJ         USJ

          Divinity School             (both Rockefeller family founded)

Coed Wheaton College/University          1860 / 2,521       Wheaton, IL        Yes          private/DJ  USJ


*> Other Honorable mentions:

Coed University of Notre Dame      1842 / 9,074        Notre Dame, IN         Yes    RC/DJ          USJ

Coed St. Francis College                 1890 / 1,233       Ft. Wayne, IN      Yes    RC/DJ          USJ


Denton, TX (just north of Fort Worth and Dallas)

>> Section 6 capitol is Denton, Texas (TX). Here are the Jesuit colleges, universities and retreat centers near there

Coed    Dallas Theological Seminary        1925 / 1,090              Dallas, TX                 Yes           Baptist/DJ   USJ
Coed    Incarnate Word College            1881 / 1,431          San Antonio, TX             Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
>>     Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House      1959                 Lake Dallas, TX              Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO
Coed   Oblate School of Theology           1849 / 23             San Antonio, TX             Yes               RC/DJ       USJ


Kansas City, MO/KS

>> Section 7 capitol is Kansas City, Missouri (MO)/ Kansas (KS). Kansas City is one of those larger cities that crosses into 2 states. Here are the Jesuit colleges, universities and retreat centers near there

>>          Ignatian Spirituality Center              2001                 Kansas City, MO             Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO
>>      White House Jesuit Retreat Center     1922                   St. Louis, MO               Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO
>>     IL RITIRO Franciscan Retreat Center     pre-2008                Dittmer, MO                Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
Coed                Aquinas Institute                   1951 / 55               St. Louis, MO               Yes               RC/DJ       USJ

Coed               Rockhurst College                1910 / 3,299          Kansas City, MO             Yes               RC/DJ       SJO
Coed              St. Louis University              1818 / 9,324             St Louis, MO                Yes               RC/DJ       SJO

Denver, CO (the other “DC”)

>> Section 8 capitol is Denver, MS. Here are the Jesuit colleges, universities and retreat centers near there

>>      Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House         1959     (Denver/Col. Spr.) Sedalia, CO  Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO
>>    Franciscan Retreat/Conference Center      1954            Colorado Springs, CO         Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
>>             Jesus Our Hope Hermitage               1992                   Littleton, CO               Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
Coed                 Denver Seminary                  1950 / 415                Denver, CO                 Yes             Bapt/DJ     USJ
Men               St. Thomas Seminary               1906 / 129                Denver, CO                 Yes               RC/DJ       USJ

Coed     Loretta Heights Col/Regis Univ.       1918 / 904               Denver, CO                 Yes               RC/DJ       SJO
Coed                   Regis College                   1887 / 2,812              Denver, CO                 Yes               RC/DJ       SJO

Oakland, CA (a suburb of San Francisco)

>> Section 9 capitol is Oakland, California (CA), a suburb of the bigger metropolis known as San Francisco. SanFran is one of the biggest Jesuit hubs in the country – with a close second, being the Jesuit hub in New York. Here are the Jesuit colleges, universities and retreat centers near there

>>                Jesuit Retreat Center                   1925                   Los Altos, CA                Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO
>>         Loyola Institute for Spirituality            1997                    Orange, CA                 Yes               SJ/DJ       SJO
>>        Poverello of Assisi Retreat House          1962               San Fernando, CA            Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
>>                 Santa Sabina Center                    1970                 San Rafael, CA              Yes               DJ/DN       USJ
>>          Saint Anthony Retreat Center          pre-2001             Three Rivers, CA            Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
>>           Saint Francis Retreat Center              1961            San Juan Bautista, CA        Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
>>                 San Damiano Retreat                   1961                   Danville, CA                Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
>>                 Serra Retreat Center                   1943                    Malibu, CA                 Yes               DJ/FR       USJ
Coed      Dominican College of San Rafael               1850 / 694             San Rafael, CA              Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
Coed             Dominican School of                1932 / 104              Berkeley, CA                Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
                  Philosophy and Theology
Coed       Franciscan School of Theology        1968 / 154              Berkeley, CA                Yes           Private/DJ   USJ
Coed         Jesuit School of Theology            1934 / 223              Berkeley, CA               Yes               RC/DJ       SJO
                 (@ Santa Clara University)
Coed       Loyola Marymount University       1918 / 6,359          Los Angeles, CA             Yes               RC/DJ       SJO
Coed               Masters University                 1927 / 373          Santa Clarita, CA            Yes             Bapt/DJ     USJ
         (formerly Los Angeles Baptist College)                                                                      
Coed            College of Notre Dame            1851 / 1,420             Belmont, CA                Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
Coed     Point Loma Nazarene University     1902 /1,808            San Diego, CA               Yes        Nazarene/DJ USJ
Men              St. Patrick's Seminary               1898 / 66             Menlo Park, CA              Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
Coed         San Francisco Art Institute            1871 / 672         San Francisco, CA            Yes           private/DJ   USJ
Coed        San Francisco Conservatory          1917 / 219          San Francisco, CA            Yes           private/DJ   USJ
                               of Music
Coed          Talbot School of Theology        1908 / unknown         La Marida, CA              Yes               RC/DJ       USJ
                   @ Biola University (CA)
Coed           Thomas Aquinas College             1971 / 115           Santa Paula, CA             Yes           private/DJ   USJ


Seattle, WA

>> Section 10 capitol is Seattle, WA. Here are the Jesuit colleges, universities and retreat centers near there

Coed              Gonzaga University               1887 / 3,404             Spokane, WA               Yes               RC/DJ       SJO
Coed               Seattle University                1891 / 4,579             Seattle, WA                Yes               RC/DJ       SJO





Bibliography – of sorts. Below are pictures for future reference for other citizen journalists

fema regions.jpgfema_regions.jpgfema-region-5.jpgFEMA-region-8.jpgFEMA-region-meeting-trump.jpgfema-regions (1).jpgfema-regions (3).jpgfema-regions.jpgFEMA-regions-1.jpgfema-regions1.pngFEMA-regions-10.jpgFEMA-regions-figure-21.png