Evangelizing on the streets of Orlando


This last Friday night was outstanding. I walked the streets with my friend Daniel who we just connected with again after about twelve years or so. We were homeschooled together in the same group way back when. Anyway, we had one interesting conversation with a guy who was Rostifarian. And then our second conversation occupied the rest of the night, because the young man was so intently listening and was allowing us to share everything we could think of to persuade him to surrender control of his life and repent of sin and learn to love God and to think like God thinks. For instance, a while into the conversation, he said very thoughtfully, ‘So you’re telling me I have to give up my sin and stop being in control of my life?’ Amen!!! And he really, really valued Daniel’s prayer for him after that! And then we still talked for another twenty min. or so. It was great. We are praying for Tommy, that this truth will resound through the power of the Holy Spirit until it drives him to his knees to surrender his life to God!


Then Saturday, we had planned a huge surprise for Operation 180. YWAM and us had planned to show up somewhat unannounced and join up with their team for the night. Basically from the time Bobby (YWAM) got there until the end of the night at around 2AM, we really challenged and strengthened each other in the Lord and in the work that God has called us to do together in Orlando. And we verified truths with each other and observations about the condition of the people downtown. Then we spent about an hour in intense intercession in front of the Wachovia bank for the city and for the people that walk the streets of downtown and for the church, the body of Christ, in Orlando! It was a powerful time for God to speak and reveal His heart to us! We were so amazed at the resolve that God was giving us to be diligent and preach boldly and to tear down the strongholds downtown! We were all greatly refreshed!


Two more stories from Saturday night that happened before Bobby came and joined us and Op 180. Two men who claim the name of Christ with two different situations. One was a cab driver with an accurate gospel and a desire to see souls saved. We strengthened and challenged him to be more frequent and more bold in talking with his passengers about the truths of the gospel. He was very convicted and said he felt lazy, and that he intended to do something about what we said. The other man, Reggie, goes to a so-called church that I was familiar with that has rejected the fear of the Lord. So I said to him, ‘It’s comfortable there isn’t it?’ He agreed. So I asked him again. Again he agreed but he said, ‘I’m not sure I know what you’re saying’. I told him that I was familiar with them and how they do not teach the truth, but that they teach what is comfortable to hear. He had to agree. Sean and I together shared many verses from God’s Word with him, to scare him away from complacency and sin that he is comfortable with at the moment. After a while of talking, he got the interruption he wanted in a phone call, so we let him go. He did however admit that everything that we said was true and accurate and that he agreed that he needed to hear it and that he would think about it. Unfortunately, it was not as sincere as I would wish. But God has ways of getting it to become more sincere, and I trust that He will for Reggie’s sake!