Millionaires and ‘Transformed’ this weekend!


Hey fellow servants of Christ, 03-13-2008

Wow, Bike week and Spring Break in Daytona – what an incredible weekend! Below, I want to tell about the conversations Daniel and I had as we teamed up and talked with a number of people, but first on to this weekend. But, first for a little info-mercial! : )

Last call for Ft. Myers! : ) We do hope many of you will join us, but if you can’t that’s okay, though you’ll be missed. And, you can always ask us later about the stories and experiences! : ) If any of you are wanting to join us last minute here, we are expecting to leave (from the Graham’s residence) at 6:45AM. Sounds early? Well, we are wanting to get down there early enough to go to a nursing home, sing, and for Rich to preach on Jesus’ resurrection [: )], and then head to the conference, which isn’t far away. And we are welcoming all last minute traveling companions! We (the Henry Family) plan to stay overnight, so we can hear Ray preach the next morning, but the Grahams (and team) are planning to head back Saturday evening, after some soul-winning! We now know of 3+ teams (from other parts of FL – Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, St. Pete), that are planning to join up and go out soul-winning somewhere nearby ~ and we are excited! If you aren’t able to join us ~ (we’re sorry you’re going to miss out ~ : ) ) (and) we would appreciate your prayers!

(Steven’s Update)
Wow. It would take more fingers and toes than I have to tell you all the stories we have from this past weekend! From talking with and challenging those who came to party – to consider how important eternity will be after they die, to sharing some of God’s Word and pleading with/challenging all who would listen to repent and follow Christ, to encouraging and working beside fellow soul-winners ~ WOW! It took some effort, but it was really cool! I hope that becomes at least an annual event, if not more often.

Daniel Morman (a guy we got to know while homeschooling) and I hung around a bunch on Friday evening, and we got to talk with a group of teens, Justin, Shannon, Taniqua and her co-worker at ‘Quiznos’, Lukas, David, and more people that I only know some of their names. Daniel and I talked with Nick and Mark – two guys who were selling tickets for a parking lot. Nick started with an evolution perspective, but after I explained Mark Cahill’s ‘order, creation, design, art’ analogy, he agreed that made sense and we had a great conversation. I can only hope and pray that God keeps working on them. They were from Panama. Then there was the conversation with a guy who went by the nickname ‘itchy’. He had ‘tear-drop’ tattoos down both sides of his face. In some cases, ‘tear-drop’ tattoos are the sign of having killed someone, and the more ‘tear-drops’ the more people they killed. It can be a prideful/bad memory type of thing… When I handed ‘Itchy’ and his friend a million dollar bill, he said no thanks, but something told me by his drawn out response that he did want to talk, but didn’t think he could – like maybe there wasn’t hope for him. So, when I noticed the ‘tear-drops’ I asked him: ‘Do you think you have done something God can’t forgive?’ He responded like he wasn’t sure. So, I walked with him and reminded him of a few Bible verses, including John 3:16, 17, but then his friend chased me off, but ‘Itchy’ seemed to have appreciated the conversation. Then there was Fetin (I know I’m misspelling her name… : ) ). She is a Muslim, but after some interesting conversation, she took one of our ‘101 Funniest One-liner tracts’ and even a gospel of John and said that she would read them! Now that was pretty cool! One of my highlights of the weekend, though, was passing out ‘Million dollar bill’ tracts down Main street – where the bikes were parked to show them off. I had so many people who wanted them (about half of all the people I offered them to) and I even had several people who chased me down to get more! One lady even grabbed from my hand – that was interesting. I did my best (with what little time I had with each person) to let them know that the best news was on the back. Several people talked with me more and I had the chance to remind them of Jesus’ words in Matthew 7:21-23, and Luke 6:46 ~ “But why do you call me Lord, Lord and [do] not do the things I say?”

Also, among the fellow soul-winners we saw down there were the Bible Baptist team, some Christian bikers, Larry and Ben, and some others that I didn’t get their names. It was great fellowshipping with them and working alongside them and we look forward to doing more of that!

Your friends and fellow laborers in the harvest,
David, Barbara, Steven and Paul