Truth that changes lives

I have one story to share with you all that shows the influence of the Holy Spirit through us even on people who would normally try to ignore us. There were two ladies coming through our corner, and I handed them a couple of tracts and told them it asked a simple question and has a simple answer. The tract is the one with the little man on the front that says ĎAre you a good personí. They seemed like they were going to keep walking but they stopped there and talked to each other about something else, I couldnít tell what. But I knew one thing - that meant they were still there for me to talk to, so I went back over to them. I canít remember all of the things that I told them, but they listened. I asked them questions, and they would answer me with the shortest answers possible. After going through the Ten Commandments, I did find out that they really didnít think they had done anything particularly wrong, and they had very little understanding of why Jesus came to the earth to live among us and then to die and rise again. It had very little meaning to them before I explained it. And I told them that if you havenít done anything particularly wrong, then God is not very intelligent to send His own Son to the earth to die, when it wasnít really needed. They were still taking it a bit casually and lightheartedly, so I explained Godís perfect character more thoroughly. And I warned them to really repent and turn away from all of their sin. God isnít wanting to save us from lying so frequently, He wants to save us from lying at all. And He doesnít want save to us from just some of our sexual immorality, He wants to save us from all of it. And not just some of our false ideas of gods, but all of them. And not just some of our discontentment and covetousness, but all of it. And not just some of our irreverence to God, but all of it, and so on. I noticed that they didnít really want to say much lest they incriminate themselves, so that gave me a chance to describe a lot of things for them. I must have given them like five opportunities to leave the conversation, but they kept giving short responses and then just stand there waiting for whatever was next. I eventually ran out of things to say, and so I just very plainly warned them not to ignore God, so they donít end up finding themselves to be an enemy of God. And I warned them to repent of all of their sin and give their life entirely to follow Christ. And I pointed out that until I explained all of that, they really werenít taking it very seriously and werenít very appreciative of Christís sacrifice for us, and actually really didnít even understand the point of it. And they agreed! And that was all the response I got to it, so I wished them a nice evening. I believe was just the beginning of what God is trying to say to them, but it seems like they might have heard Godís Word for the first time in a while. I pray and trust that they will decide to listen and stop ignoring Him.