Campfire evangelism


This last weekend was our Henry family camping trip to Fort Desoto Park to entertain all the raccoons. (The raccoons are really quite entertaining themselves!) There were thirteen of us there Saturday and Sunday morning. I had thought beforehand that since it was a family gathering and camping and all that I wouldnít really get to talk with anyone. But then it seemed like God told me that he would give me a conversation with someone and that some of my family would get to see it. God has a strange way of planning some things. So Iím asleep Saturday night after a tiring day of playing chess and a lot of soccer and just hanging out with family. And then all of a sudden, Iím wide awake at 2:30AM Sunday morning! And Iím thinking, ďThis is strangeĒ. I hear a couple of college guys talking still in the spot behind us, sitting around the campfire like they were when I went to sleep. And God gave me an idea of how to join their conversation, so I got out of the tent and went over through the woods to where they were. And they invited me to come grab a seat and join them. They were a bit drunk and just talking about nothing in particular. Anyway, so I talked to especially Daniel and Steve for about an hour and a half until the fire was going out and they were going to bed. Iíve never gotten drunk before, so Iím not sure how much your brain is able to take in when youíre like that, but we talked about a lot of foundational concepts about God and things from Godís Word. I trust that somehow the Holy Spirit can hold some of those truths in there somewhere that can be of use to bring them to their Lord! They were very friendly later that morning when I went back over to say goodbye before we left. So thatís my story!